What we do

We have designed and developed lots of Apps for third parties, with functions that include: Databases, web services, Bluetooth connectivity, social networks, image processing, notifications and SMS services.

We have also developed a couple of simple Apps on our own (including a videogame) with amazing success.

Our Apps have a total of over 23 Million downloads and that number is growing every day.

We are now focusing on more complex and useful concepts to develop, but we are never leaving the fun behind.

Our top Apps

Razor Prank

Real Razor

Prank your friends with this cool razor / clipper / hair trimmer joke app!

Airhorn Prank


Play jokes on your friends with this awesome and loud Air Horn prank app!

Stun Gun Joke

Stun Gun

Download this funny stun gun / taser prank app and play jokes on your friends!